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From July 22nd to the 28th this year, Lindsey's work was exhibited in the "Wild in the City" art exhibition along with the work of three other artists at The Urban Gallery in Toronto, ON. The theme of the of the exhibition symbolized the effects an urban environment has on its inhabitants, and the effect inhabitants have on an urban environment. Lindsey was asked to create six pieces of art depicting this theme; however, she wanted to think outside the box. Lindsey explains "Most people think of animals in an urban environment; however, I believe that ordinary life situations can depict the "WILD" persona. When I I think of "WILD" in the urban environment, I think of both, life's funny and crazy moments."

This was Lindsey's third group exhibit at The Urban Gallery. "I admire their professionalism and promotion for artists featured in their gallery. It's always an absolute joy to connect with Calvin, Allen and staff as well as other artist in the exhibition."

Me with my beautiful family, minus my hard-working son back in New Brunswick.

View of my six themed paintings on the right inset wall.

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