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The Allure of Seascape Paintings

Modern Seascape Paintings featuring Lighthouses, Sailboats, Islands, and sunsets For Sale

When viewing seascape paintings it is common to generate feelings of peace, serenity, lightness, and space. These feelings and emotions can be generated by the presence of subtle waves that stretch along the coastline, the bright sandy beaches, the smooth rocky shores, sailboats, boats, ships, and lighthouses far and near, and the warm golden glow of the sun.

Creating a Calm and Peaceful Seascape

When painting a seascape, using complementary colors with subtle outbursts of vibrancy allows each piece to embark unique emotions and soulful feelings of calmness, lightness, and peace with the viewer. Introducing a sunset into your seascape painting may also add warmth and color contrast, giving reflection on the water and extending the overall depth of the painting.

My Technique Seascapes are one of my favorite pieces to create. I begin by selecting contrasting blues, greens, browns, and golds and place them onto my palette. Using a knife and other tools, I spread these colors in a horizontal fashion across my canvas beginning with the sky, followed by the water and finishing with the beach. For coloring, I begin by using mixed darker tones and finalize with lighter tones to highlight the water, beach and surroundings. In some of my pieces I use authentic beach stones to add realism and texture. Adding texturing mediums to my paint will also add more depth to the piece by using larger textures for closer viewpoints, and smaller textures for farther viewpoints .

Creating an Impressionistic Seascape Painting

Unlike a traditional seascape paintings, which feature a fine detail of blended colors and little to no texture, an impressionistic seascape painting values the use vibrant color contrasts and varying texture .

My Technique

When creating an impressionistic seascape painting, I initially add texture by applying molding paste or gel mediums directly onto the canvas. I apply the paint and spread complimentary colors until they resemble a sky, water, and beach. When creating impressionistic art in general, my tool of choice is the pallet knife, which also adds texture in addition to the use of molding paste.

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