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  • floral art


  • modern art


  • fine art


  • original paintings


  • cityscape paintings

Pricing - Excluding Portraits and Prints

  • [Length (inches) x Width (inches)] x 1.20 = Price ($ Canadian Dollar)         Example:  [20in x 20in] x 1.20 = $480

Pricing Index last updated: March 26th, 2022


Shipment & Care

  • My paintings are professionally packaged to ensure your artwork stays protected during shipment.

  • COVID-19 ALERT: Shipment may be delayed and or take longer than listed below as a result of ongoing shipment issues surrounding the Corona Virus Disease - 2019 (COVID-19).

  • Canadian Customers: Delivery time is usually between 1-14 business days, depending on the destination province and shipping method.  Please note that you may be subject to shipping fees. Please consult with Lindsey for details.  

  • USA Customers: Delivery time is usually between 7-14 business days for arrival to US destinations. Please note that you may be subject to Custom Fees on original artwork to the United States.  Please consult with Lindsey for details.

  • International Customers: Please consult with Lindsey for international shipping details.

Shipment & Care last updated: January 6th, 2021

Damage & Return Policy

  • Lindsey MacKay is not responsible for funding repair to artwork that has been damaged after arrival to the customer.  If your piece of artwork was damaged during shipment, please consult with Lindsey via email or FaceBook and send a photograph of the damage.  If your piece was severely damaged or destroyed during shipment, you are eligible to receive a replacement or gift certificate of the equivalent price of your piece prior to its damage.

Damage & Return Policy last updated: January 6th, 2021


Privacy Policy &Terms of Use

Your Privacy is Top Priority:

  • Lindsey MacKay Art values your privacy; following a strict privacy policy. All information supplied by customers placing an order is used solely for communication and shipping/delivery purposes.  No information provided by customers is shared with outside parties.


Commitment To Data Security:

  • All orders placed on Lindsey's Art Store are SSL secured to ensure an encrypted connection and establish trust with the customer. In addition, when customers send a payment, Lindsey MacKay Art only receives your name and shipping address. Financial information such as your credit card number cannot be viewed or received by Lindsey MacKay Art.


Terms of Use:

  • Lindsey MacKay holds the right to make reproductions of any of her sold artwork. Purchasers and viewers of artwork created by Lindsey MacKay are NOT permitted to reproduce, print, copy, or duplicate in any form.  Website visitors are NOT permitted to exploit or use any product images.  A copyright LOCK has been applied to all pages of to prevent copyright infringement of images and data. This lock disables the COPY,  PASTE, and SAVE PICTURE command to all visitors while on the website.


Concerns Regarding the Privacy Policy/Terms of Use?

  • If you have any concerns regarding the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please contact Lindsey MacKay via Email, Facebook, or studio Phone.


Privacy-Policy & Terms of Use  last updated: April 10, 2018


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