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Her Specialty

Lindsey MacKay is a renowned Fredericton-based painter known for her innovative and contemporary approach to acrylic painting. Her style is characterized by a fusion of modern, impressionistic, and heavily textured techniques, creating works that are both aesthetically captivating and emotionally engaging. Her artistic vision is centered around the interplay of color and structure, yielding paintings that are both dynamic and thought-provoking. The striking use of unexpected color combinations and textures imbues her work with a unique vibrancy and depth, resulting in a truly exceptional portfolio.


Past & Present

Since graduating as a Graphic Designer in 1991, Lindsey has established a successful artistic career by selling her work to various private commissioners across Canada, the United States, and Europe. Her artwork can be seen displayed in various restaurants located in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, such as Brewbakers, Isaacs Way, The Palate, 540-Bar & Grill, and The Abbey Café & Gallery. Lindsey is also known for her generosity, regularly donating her paintings to charitable organizations and associations, including The Atlantic Salmon Federation, Miramichi Salmon Association, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Symphony New Brunswick, and Ability New Brunswick. In addition to restaurants, her work also adorns government offices throughout New Brunswick and the Fredericton City Hall-Gallery. Lindsey has demonstrated her artistic talent through her participation in Art Battle competitions, where she was a National finalist in 2014. She has showcased her work in solo exhibitions at The Charlotte Glencross-Gallery in Fredericton, NB, The Creek Village Gallery in Woodstock, NB, and The Arta Gallery in Toronto, ON, as well as in group exhibitions at The Urban Gallery in Toronto, ON. Furthermore, Lindsey's dynamic talent is on full display during her live painting events, which include fundraising events, Art Battle exhibitions, and weddings.

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